My Story

Welcome to my website.

A little about myself -

I grew up on the Isle of Wight, where I spent happy summer days on the beach swimming and reading. I love the power of story, and believe that sharing stories from different perspectives and different backgrounds can help us understand the world better. I went onto study psychology at Leicester University as I have always been fascinated by the workings of the mind, especially in what motivates people, and what can lead people to make the wrong decisions for the right reasons. I love creating my own characters, each one flawed and touching in their own way.

After a brief career in London with Price Waterhouse, I moved to Paris in my early twenties, where I taught fifth grade in an international school. This led me to take a Masters in International Education, focusing on Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and their sense of belonging; a theme which runs through my first novel, While Paris Slept. It was in fact, living in Paris that inspired me to write this book, as I learnt more about its troubled past during the time of the World War II. My second book, The Last Hours in Paris, is also set during the occupation, seen through the switching perspectives of a German soldier and a young French woman.

Paris still attracts writers from all over the world, and I run a weekly writing group called Scriptorium.

From inspiration to publication 

Step 1- Inspiration 

Step 2- Finding an agent - (Download pdf)

Step 3- Finding a publisher (video)

Step 4- Changes - title and revisions (video) 


Step 5- Copy-editing and The Super-proof (download pdf)

Step 6- Final leadup to publication (video)